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Ann Et Vin Charity Fashion Show

These are a selection from our recent show at Ann Et Vin.
Many, many thanks to Ann Hayes and everyone who helped out. It was a wonderful day and we managed to raise £800 for Beaumond House so once again thank you, and well done to all involved.




IMG_0824 IMG_0828 IMG_0837 IMG_0842 IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0849 IMG_0853 IMG_0855 IMG_0858 IMG_0862 IMG_0865 IMG_0867 IMG_0869 IMG_0872 IMG_0879 IMG_0883 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0902 IMG_0905 IMG_0908 IMG_0914 IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0922 IMG_0927