UK Marc Cain Sizing Guide & Recommendations

11th April 2024

Marc Cain Size Guide

Our Marc Cain sizing guide will help you find your perfect fit when shopping online and in-store at Jane Young.

Marc Cain clothing is designed with a modern European aesthetic with a regular fit that stays true to standard UK sizing.

Below, we’ve included a basic UK size chart corresponding to the designer’s sizing options. It’s important to note that this label uses a unique number and letter sizing format, which we have translated to UK numbered sizing.

Our in-house stylists have also provided some tips and advice on how to accurately find the correct size for the most flattering fit.

Marccain Sports palm print shirt dress

Marccain Sports palm print shirt dress

Marccain Sports palm print shirt dress

Marc Cain Size Chart

Marc Cain sizes are often marked with the letter ‘N’ and then a number from 1 to 7, which can be confusing, especially when shopping online. On our product pages, we’ve converted the sizes to the standard UK numbered sizing to avoid confusion.

UK & European Size Guide Chart

Our Marc Cain sizing chart includes all the sizes available from this luxury clothing brand. For information about the specific size range available at Jane Young, please visit the individual product pages within our edit.

Marc Cain Germany UK
N1 34 8
N2 36 10
N3 38 12
N4 40 14
N5 42 16
N6 44 18
N7 46 20

Please note: This size chart should be used as a general guide. The size of pieces may vary depending on the style and cut of the garment. Please get in touch if you require further assistance.

Marccain 7/8 length trousers

Marccain 7/8 length trousers

Marccain 7/8 length trousers

How Does Marc Cain Sizing Fit?

  • Marc Cain is typically true to size, but we always recommend referring to the sizing chart.
  • Different fabrics may affect how a garment fits, so consider this when purchasing.
  • Elasticated waistbands and tie belts allow for a little more flexibility in sizing.
  • If you are unsure of your size or have any fitting questions, do not hesitate to contact our stylist team for assistance.

Marc Cain clothing is known for its regular, tailored fit, allowing you to select your regular dress size to achieve the intended silhouette.

With timeless designs and contemporary cuts, pieces feature a combination of v-neck and round necklines, which are flattering on many body types.

Many of its dresses have an elasticated waistband or a naturally high waistline, creating a cinched-in and feminine silhouette, as seen on the Airy dress.

Shorts, skirts, and trousers are also generally standard-rise, like the slim fit white jeans, or high-rise, such as the zebra print wide leg trousers. Trouser waistbands tend to be flexible, too. Always read our product details for specific information about individual pieces.

Marccain jacket with sheen

Marccain jacket with sheen

Marccain jacket with sheen

Update Your Style With Marc Cain at Jane Young

At Jane Young, we’re proud to stock an exclusive range of hand-picked Marc Cain pieces. Our edit features the latest pieces from the season’s newest collections as well as favourites from last season at a discounted price, so you don’t have to miss out on the most coveted pieces.

Use our Marc Cain sizing guide before purchasing online to help you get the perfect fit the first time and enjoy the elegant, timeless designs of this luxury German label.


Are Marc Cain Trousers Elasticated?
Some Marc Cain trousers and shorts have elasticated waistbands, like the relaxed fit shorts. This allows for some leeway between sizes. However, not all items have elasticated waistbands, so be sure to check our product descriptions before buying.
What Size is N4 in Marc Cain?
Marc Cain size N4 is a UK 14 or German 40. The exact fit of the piece will depend on the silhouette and type of garment.
Are Marc Cain Dresses Adjustable?
Many Marc Cain dresses are designed with an elasticated waistband or tie belt to create a cinched silhouette. This allows for some adjustability and versatility, but we recommend opting for your usual size to ensure the intended fit and design of the dress.
Not all Marc Cain dresses have adjustable features, so be sure to check the product description for details.
What if My Measurements Fall Between Sizes?
Should your measurements land between two sizes, opting for the larger size is advised for comfort. We’d recommend seeking personalised guidance from our stylists to guarantee a fit tailored to your body shape and preferences.

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