Why Everyone Should Monochrome

3rd April 2024

Why Everyone Should Monochrome. How to monochrome dress

Discover the allure of the monochrome trend with Jane Young. Embracing monochromatic colours is more than just black and white—it’s about making a bold statement effortlessly. Are you ready to elevate your style game?

Creating a stunning monochrome ensemble may seem like a time-consuming task, but it’s surprisingly quick and easy. In just 60 seconds or less, you can cheat your way to sophistication. Simply dress in layers of the same colour to achieve instant chicness.


“With Monochrome don’t mistake simplicity for dullness or believe you need to play it safe.”


Monochrome allows for endless creativity with varying shades, textures, and fabrics. Mix silk with cotton, denim with sequins, or leather with lace to add depth and intrigue to your look. With a plethora of fabrics at your disposal, there’s no need for monotony.

Elevate your monochrome ensemble with carefully curated accessories. From statement jewellery to scarves, bags, and shoes, each piece should complement your look seamlessly. Our goal is to help you achieve effortless polish this Spring/Summer with our curated monochrome styles.

Monochrome’s timeless elegance is why it’s a wardrobe essential for everyone. So, the next time you shop, consider the versatility of single-colour perfection and elevate your style with ease.

01/ Black and White

The easiest colours or shades to start with for a monochromatic newbie are black or white. Want to add even more interest try a combination of both black and white. Everyone has black and white essentials in their wardrobe to create this sophisticated, powerful, and timeless look.


02/ Double denim

It’s an easy way to look pulled together at this time of year and we’re currently spoilt for choice, from structured shirts to floor-skimming skirts.  Sticking within similar tones of denim is the key to keeping things stylish and not looking like you are off to the rodeo. To elevate your outfit further, add a simple white tee and some sunglasses to give yourself a cool but polished look.



03/ Combine fabric textures

When you’re wearing a single colour, especially if it’s a more neutral tone like whites, creams or taupes, you want to add depth to the outfit. The easiest way to achieve this is with different fabric textures like wool or silk. Wearing a head-to-toe neutral look is the essence of sophistication and style. Incorporating multiple standout pieces in various textures makes it anything but boring. Simplicity, versatile, and chic.



04/ Pattern Monochrome

It may initially seem overwhelming, but this expert level of monochromatic dressing lets your personality shine. Adding patterns is another exhilarating avenue to infuse depth and dimension into your ensemble, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary. The secret to incorporating patterns into a monochrome outfit is to choose coordinating pieces from the same designer collection.



Looking to try the Monochromic trend but not sure where to start?

Let us help you discover the look for you. Book your appointment now and find your perfect Monochrome outfit for Spring/Summer 24.