UK Betty Barclay Sizing Guide & Recommendations

7th May 2024

Betty Barclay

Our Betty Barclay sizing guide features a simple breakdown of sizes and tips to help you find the perfect fit from this renowned designer brand known for its feminine fashion.

Betty Barclay pieces typically run true to size, so you can choose your regular size, but if you’ve never shopped this label before, a chart can be helpful.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive sizing guide for UK Betty Barclay clothing.

The guide also includes a conversion chart from German to UK sizes and gives exact measurements for the bust, waist, and hips, making it easier for you to find your ideal size with confidence.

Betty Barclay short sleeveless dress

Betty Barclay short sleeveless dress

Betty Barclay short sleeveless dress

Betty Barclay Size Guide

Betty Barclay garments can be labelled with either European numbered sizing or lettered sizing, so we’ve converted these sizes into UK number sizes with centimetre measurements to help you find the right size before purchasing.

Please note: The measurements in this chart are a general guide provided by the designer. The fit of individual pieces can be influenced by the style, cut, and fabric of the garment. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

UK Size Chart

Our Betty Barclay sizing chart features all the sizes available from this luxury label. Not all of these sizes may be stocked on the Jane Young website. Please check individual product pages to verify the sizes we have available.

Number Size Guide

Size Bust Waist Hip
DE UK CM Inches CM Inches CM Inches
32 6 80-82 31.5-32.3 60-62 23.6-24.4 86-88 33.9-34.6
34 8 82-86 32.3-33.9 62-66 24.4-26.0 88-92 34.6-36.2
36 10 86-90 33.9-35.4 66-70 26.0-27.6 92-96 36.2-37.8
38 12 90-94 35.4-37.0 70-74 27.6-29.1 96-100 37.8-39.4
40 14 94-98 37.0-38.6 74-78 29.1-30.7 100-104 39.4-40.9
42 16 98-102 38.6-40.2 78-82 30.7-32.3 104-108 40.9-42.5
44 18 103-107 40.6-42.1 83-87 32.7-34.3 109-113 42.9-44.5
46 20 108-113 42.5-44.5 88-93 34.6-36.6 113-119 44.5-46.9
48 22 113-119 44.5-46.9 93-99 36.6-38.9 119-125 46.9-49.2
50 24 119-125 46.9-49.2 99-105 38.9-41.3 125-131 49.2-51.6

Letter Size Guide

Size Bust Waist Hips
DE UK CM Inches CM Inches CM Inches
S 6/8 86-90 33.9-35.4 66-70 26.0-27.6 92-96 36.2-37.8
M 10/12 90-95 35.4-37.4 70-75 27.6-29.5 96-102 37.8-40.2
L 14/16 95-102 37.4-40.2 75-82 29.5-32.3 102-108 40.2-42.5
XL 18/20 102-110 40.2-43.3 82-90 32.3-35.4 108-116 42.5-45.7
XXL 22/24 110-116 43.3-45.7 90-96 35.4-37.8 116-122 45.7-48.0

Betty Barclay cream and green stripe top

Betty Barclay cream and green stripe top

Betty Barclay cream and green stripe top

How to Take Your Measurements for Betty Barclay Garments

Each Betty Barclay size corresponds to specific measurements, so it’s important to make sure your measurements are up to date to get the most accurate fit when purchasing garments online.

It’s important to note that the difference between sizes can be as small as 4 cm, so accurate measurements are crucial.

To get the most accurate measurements, our stylists recommend getting somebody to help you. Alternatively, you can visit our store, and our in-house stylists will gladly help.

Taking Bust Measurements

To accurately measure your bust, stand up straight with your arms relaxed at your sides.

The measuring tape should be taken around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure it’s snug under your armpits and lays across your shoulder blades for the most accurate results.

Ensure the tape measure is snug but not tight and is parallel to the floor all the way around.

For the best accuracy, wear a non-padded bra.

Taking Waist Measurements

To measure your waist, find the narrowest part of your waist, usually just above your navel. Stand naturally and wrap a measuring tape around this area, ensuring it’s parallel to the floor without compressing the skin.

The tape should be snug but not tight, allowing space for the natural fluctuations of your body throughout the day.

Breathe normally and take the measurement without holding your breath to ensure accuracy.

It’s often helpful to measure in front of a mirror to ensure the tape stays level around the whole circumference.

Taking Hip Measurements

To measure your hips, stand with your feet together. Find the widest part of your hips, generally over your buttocks and approximately 7 to 10 inches below your waist.

Wrap the measuring tape around this area, ensuring it’s parallel to the floor. The tape should be firm but not tight, accurately reflecting the fullest part of your hips.

Ensure the tape is straight and level for the most precise measurement.

Our team of dedicated in-house stylists is always available to offer advice if you’re in between sizes or unsure of your size.

Alternatively, you can book an in-store appointment, and our expert stylists will assist you.

Betty Barclay zigzag pattern trouser

Betty Barclay zigzag pattern trouser

Betty Barclay zigzag pattern trouser

What is the Fit of Betty Barclay Clothing?

  • Betty Barclay clothing features flattering modern cuts
  • Some pieces have a more tailored cut
  • Garments are generally true to size unless relaxed or oversized fits are stated. Please refer to our sizing chart.

Betty Barclay clothing is designed with a focus on creating a flattering and comfortable fit for the modern woman.

Their garments, especially Betty Barclay dresses, such as the sleeveless zigzag print dress, typically feature a tailored design that skims the body, offering both comfort and elegance.

The fit can vary slightly depending on the style and fabric of the piece; however, the brand is known for its consistent sizing.

Whether you’re selecting a chic mini dress, a flowing day dress, or a stylish jumpsuit, you can expect a balance of sophistication and ease that enhances your natural silhouette without compromising on comfort.

Discover an Exclusive Betty Barclay Edit at Jane Young

At Jane Young, we’ve hand-selected a range of Betty Barclay pieces to add to our carefully curated collection of the top brands in women’s luxury fashion.

We stock the season’s latest collections, and we also hold some previous seasonal pieces at a discounted price, so you can always find something special to update your wardrobe. We make sure to include a variety of sizes, so that every woman can find the perfect fit and feel confident in her appearance.

Shop our Betty Barclay collection online today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance with sizing.


Do Betty Barclay Sizes Vary?
Betty Barclay sizing runs true to size, and there are very few discrepancies between pieces. With that being said, the cut of the garment may affect how it fits. Take this into consideration when purchasing garments online.
Are Betty Barclay Garments in European Sizing?
Yes, Betty Barclay clothes come in European sizes because of their German roots. But to make shopping easier in the UK, our conversion chart size guide translates European sizes into UK sizes. Always check our size guide for the best fit while you shop with us.
Can I Return Betty Barclay Items if They Don’t Fit?
We do accept returns on incorrectly fitting items, so long as they meet our returns policy requirements. Please read our full returns requirements for more details.

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