UK Essentiel Antwerp Sizing Guide & Recommendations

14th June 2024


Our Essentiel Antwerp sizing guide offers a clear size chart and tips from our stylists to help you find the perfect fit for this designer brand.

Typically, Essentiel Antwerp garments fit true to size, so you can choose your usual dress size. However, if this is your first time buying from the brand, we recommend checking the specific size chart for the best fit.

The guide includes a size chart with EU to UK size conversions and measurements for the bust, waist, and hips to help you find your ideal size.

essential antwerp silk freya dress

essential antwerp silk freya dress

essential antwerp silk freya dress

Essentiel Antwerp Size Guide

Essentiel Antwerp clothing uses Belgian number sizing. To help you choose the right size, we’ve converted these to UK sizes and included measurements in both centimetres and inches.

Please note: The measurements provided in this chart serve as a general guide from the designer. The fit of individual pieces may vary depending on the style, cut, and fabric of the garment. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

UK Size Conversion Chart

Our Essentiel Antwerp sizing chart lists all the sizes offered by this luxury designer label. Please note that not all sizes may be available on the Jane Young website.

Kindly refer to individual product pages to verify the sizes we currently have in stock.

Size Bust Waist Hips
EU UK CM Inches CM Inches CM Inches
32 4 76-80 30-31.5 56-60 22-23.6 84-88 33-34.6
34 6 80-84 31.5-33 60-64 23.6-25.2 88-92 34.6-36.2
36 8 84-88 33-34.6 64-68 25.2-26.8 92-96 36.2-37.8
38 10 88-92 34.6-36.2 68-72 26.8-28.3 96-100 37.8-39.4
40 12 92-96 36.2-37.8 72-76 28.3-29.9 100-104 39.4-41
42 14 96-100 37.8-39.4 76-80 29.9-31.5 104-108 41-42.5
44 16 100-104 39.4-41.1 80-84 31.5-33 108-112 42.5-44.1

Essentiel Antwerp midi length dress Ecross

Essentiel Antwerp midi length dress Ecross

Essentiel Antwerp midi length dress Ecross

How to Take Your Measurements for Essentiel Antwerp Clothing

Accurately taking your measurements is crucial to finding the perfect fit for your Essentiel Antwerp garment. Even a 4 cm difference in sizes can significantly impact the garment’s fit, making precise personal measurements essential.

For the most accurate results, our stylists recommend enlisting assistance. Alternatively, you can visit our store, where our in-house stylists will be pleased to assist you.

Measuring Your Bust

To accurately measure your bust, you should wear a well-fitting and non-padded bra.

Wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your chest and keep the tape snug but not tight.

Note where the tape meets, and feel free to repeat the process to ensure accuracy.

Measuring Your Waist

Find the narrowest part of your torso – usually above your navel and below your ribcage – and wrap the tape measure around this area.

Don’t suck in your stomach; breathe naturally. Record the measurement where the tape meets.

Measuring Your Hips

Stand with your feet together and find the fullest part of your hips, typically about 8 inches below your waist, but this will differ from person to person.

Wrap a tape measure around this area and note where the tape meets.

For the best results, avoid measuring over clothing.

Our team of in-house stylists is available to help if you’re unsure about your size or between sizes. Or, you can book an in-store appointment, and our expert stylists will assist you!

Essentiel Antwerp stretch jersey mini dress Espinossa

Essentiel Antwerp stretch jersey mini dress Espinossa

Essentiel Antwerp stretch jersey mini dress Espinossa

How Does Essentiel Antwerp Clothing Fit?

  • Essentiel Antwerp clothing typically has a relaxed silhouette
  • Sizing is usually true-to-size with an intended relaxed fit on some pieces
  • If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up, or ask our stylists for advice

Essentiel Antwerp clothing typically offers trendy cuts that are more relaxed than tailored or structured. Some pieces, like the abstract print wide-leg trousers and some dresses, like the halter neck dress, feature fitted waists to create feminine silhouettes.

Essentiel Antwerp also offers some oversized garments that are casual and relaxed with very little built-in structure or shape.

The fit may vary slightly depending on the style and fabric, but the brand is known for consistent sizing.

Whether you’re choosing a chic midi dress, an oversized shirt dress, or stylish printed trousers, you can expect a balance of sophistication and ease that enhances your silhouette without sacrificing comfort.

Essentiel Antwerp sequin palm tree sweatshirt Fuze

Essentiel Antwerp sequin palm tree sweatshirt Fuze

Essentiel Antwerp sequin palm tree sweatshirt Fuze

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At Jane Young, we’ve carefully selected a range of Essentiel Antwerp pieces to complement our curated collection of top women’s luxury fashion brands.

We offer the latest seasonal collections and discounted items from previous seasons, so you can always find something special for your wardrobe. We carry a variety of sizes to ensure every woman can find her perfect fit and feel confident.

Explore our Essentiel Antwerp collection online today, and feel free to contact us if you need any help with sizing.


Can I Return Essentiel Antwerp Items if They Don’t Fit?
We do accept returns on incorrectly fitted items as long as they meet our returns policy requirements. Please read our full returns policy for more details.
Do Essentiel Antwerp Sizes Vary?
Essentiel Antwerp sizing is usually consistent, with minor differences between pieces. However, garment cuts can affect the fit. Keep this in mind when buying clothes online.
Are Essentiel Antwerp Garments in European Sizing?
Yes, Essentiel Antwerp clothes use European sizes because of their Belgian origins. To make shopping easier in the UK, our conversion chart translates European sizes into UK equivalents. We suggest checking our size guide to find the best fit while shopping with us.

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