Designer Feminine Fragrances

Find your signature scent in our collection of Coach perfumes for women. We stock the latest fragrances and sets perfect for any occasion. From floral and fruity scents to bold and daring notes, there’s a Coach fragrance to suit every taste and style. Shop below.

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Coach Perfume for Every Woman

Discover our exclusive collection of Coach perfume for women. These high-end ladies’ fragrances are made with delicately balanced scents to add an air of luxury and sophistication to your ensemble.

The perfect combination of sophistication and playfulness, these easy-to-wear perfumes are a favourite among fashion-forward women. You can elevate your everyday looks while staying true to your personal style.

Our selection also includes Coach perfume gift sets, making them an ideal gift for a special woman. With their elegant packaging and luxurious scents, these sets will surely impress any recipient.

Our Top Coach Perfume Pick

The Coach Love Eau de Parfum is a beautiful versatile scent that every lady will love. With opening notes of wild strawberries and a rich, hearty undertone of red velvet rose and warm cedarwood, this fragrance balances fruity playfulness with mature sensuality.

Inspired by all the unique ways we express love, this floral, fruity eau de parfum is the ideal addition to your collection. With classic gold Coach hardware and the fashion house’s iconic turn lock top, this fragrance is not only a treat for the senses but also a statement piece on your vanity.

Shop our collection of women’s designer fragrances from Coach at Jane Young today.


Does Coach Perfume Last?

Yes! Coach designed their perfume to be long-lasting so you can enjoy the soft, fresh fragrance all day. A little bit of Coach perfume is powerful and can last well for between 4 and 6 hours from a single application.

What Does Coach Perfume Smell Like?

Coach perfume is a unique blend of scents, each fragrance with its own notes and personality. The signature Coach scent is a mix of fruity, floral, and musky notes.

Is Coach Perfume Suitable for Everyday Wear?

Certainly, Coach perfume’s balance of floral, sweet, and warm notes makes it a versatile fragrance for everyday wear. It’s subtle enough for the office yet sophisticated for evening events. A true signature scent.

Are Coach Perfume Bottles Suitable for Travel?

Yes. Coach perfume bottles feature robust construction and compact sizes that fit perfectly in handbags or luggage, making them ideal for those who wish to carry their favourite scent wherever they go.