Herzen's Angelegenheit

Confident Clothing for Confident Women

We’ve curated an exclusive edit of the best from Herzen’s Angelegenheit, including silk dresses and blouses, and wool tops, featuring confident prints. Create a timeless, sophisticated wardrobe and enhance your everyday style with our selection.

Herzen’s Angelegenheit Blouses, Shirts, & Dresses

Our Herzen’s Angelegenheit collection showcases a range of breathtaking designs, from timeless shirt dresses to refined, collarless shirts tailored to complement your unique look.

From exquisite silhouettes to captivating prints, the label’s blouses and dresses have become synonymous with effortless elegance and impeccable style. Each garment is carefully crafted with striking prints and the finest materials, such as cashmere and silk, making them a must for any discerning woman who appreciates exceptional style.

Exclusive & Limited Herzen’s Angelegenheit Stock

We have a limited stock of Herzen’s Angelegenheit, bringing you the most exciting pieces from past and current seasons. Build a sophisticated smart-casual wardrobe to suit your everyday style or complete your workwear looks with our range of timeless pieces. 

However you choose to wear them, Herzen’s Angelegenheit pieces will add a touch of comfortable luxury to any outfit.

The Herzen’s collarless shirt in the blue and black print is a great versatile shirt for your wardrobe. The combination of the animal print and botanical mandala pattern creates a visually stunning piece that can be worn casually and formally. The opulent silk makes for easy wearing and adds to the beautiful silhouette of this piece.

Herzen’s Angelegenheit dresses are renowned for their comfortable elegance, and the Herzens ruby print shirt dress is an illustration of that. The ruby red, orange, and white tones running through the dress patterns are striking, making this a stunning statement piece. The familiar button-down front and collar add a classic touch, while the lightweight silk material adds to the overall comfort and grace of this dress. 

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Does Herzen’s Angelegenheit Fit True to Size?

Herzen’s Angelegenheit is crafted true to size, so you should opt for your regular clothes size for the intended fit. 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding sizing, please do call us, and our stylists will be able to recommend the most appropriate size for you.

Is Herzen Angelegenheit Casual or Formal Attire?

Herzen’s Angelegenheit offers a versatile range of clothing suitable for both casual and formal settings. 

What Materials Are Used for Herzen’s Angelegenheit Clothing?

Herzen’s Angelegenheit utilises high-quality, luxurious yarns and fabrics in their designs. The most commonly used materials are silk, known for its softness and lustre, and cashmere, celebrated for its warmth and comfort.

How Should I Care for My Herzen’s Angelegenheit Clothing?

Herzen’s Angelegenheit pieces are made of luxurious silk and cashmere, so you should always follow the specific care instructions provided with each item. Always avoid airdrying in direct sunlight.